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Roller skating safety common sense
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The rudiments of roller skating:
Roller skating is a master of sports extremely easily, anyone can learn it quickly. But for many people, contact roller skating for the first time, will produce a psychological fear, worry about wrestling. In fact, simply to master some methods and techniques, roller skating can turn the game into pleasure. Balance is the basis of mastering roller skating. Because the rollerblading contact with the ground area is small, and roller friction with the ground after rolling, are so easy for balance. Practice balance is very important and particular way is:
1. The marking time, practice static balance, familiar with the performance of the roller skating.
2. Practice balance with the method of mutual aid and support method, two mutual assistance or hands lifted in the side of the ledger, or other objects, moving around, practice balancing techniques.
Practice balance 3. Traction method, with the aid of external force, such as through the reaction of stationary object to sliding; Let others push to promote; Seize the people who are moving or other objects, make oneself forward or backward. After the preliminary master the balance of the above skills, you can slide on the road. After you can further grasp the abrupt stop, and turn back. Roller skating while leisure sports is a kind of easy to learn, but the danger exists at any time, it is easy to lead to injury, therefore must have safety awareness. Usually, the palm of your hand, shoulder to elbow, knee, ankle, and the head easily injured. So, when the roller skating, must wear protective devices common protection has: helmet, elbow pads and knee pads, etc.
Practice roller skating to note:
1. Practice roller skating before, should first prepare activities, especially the wrist and lower limb joints and ligaments, activities to fully open.
2. If possible, you should wear some protective appliance, such as roller skating dedicated wristbands, elbow pads and knee pads and helmets, etc. Now a lot of sports shop have this kind of special gear roller skating.
3. To check the screw fastening parts such as rollerblading before exercise, in order to avoid injured by rollerblading problem in the taxi.
4. Beginners should be on a beginner or provisions within the scope of practice, or where less people to practice as much as possible, don't arbitrary. Learning skating for the first time, it is better to slide a skilled partner for counseling or counselor.
5. Not to do dangerous or interfere with the actions of others, especially in many public roller skating field, such as several people shake handshandle, sliding direction with you all in speed skating retrograde on the runway or retrograde, jumping, on the floor flat straggling, chase scenes, a sudden stop, etc., which are both interfere with others, and prone to dangerous things. If the slide on the road, more attention should be paid to traffic safety, best to fewer people less car in practice.
6. Learning to roller skating wrestling is inevitable, but to learn how to do to protect themselves when wrestling. Method is: when to fall forward or to the side, to take the initiative to kneel next crouching, use both hands hold to cushion, reduce the fall of power; When to back down, also want to take the initiative to kneel next crouching, lower center of gravity, as far as possible let hip sit down first, and pay attention to protect the coccyx, bowed their heads and at the same time, avoid the head leaned back upon the earth; Should avoid straight arm when one hand hold ground, so it is easy to damage the wrist.
7. People with serious illnesses (such as heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.) should not be heated roller skating activities, most can slow slip of exercise less. In addition, after drinking and fatigue are also unfavorable to roller skating.
Inline skating movement security sense
In order to make the play more fun inline skating, ready for the security is necessary, but completely relieve the safety concerns, you can't really play "rest assured" in-line skating and fully exert potential, getting more progress or for best performance. Here are some matters that should be paid attention to the road:
1. Warming up activities.
Like to participate in any sport, each exercise should be prepared before activities, playing roller skating, too. Let the body mainly joints move, lala tendons, especially the ankle, knee, thigh joints and the waist.
2. Wear protective devices.
Full set of protective devices should be included: helmet, elbow pads and knee pads and protect the palm.
3. Use common sense to choose the security situation.
Don't in the driveway, slope, the ground of the have oil or water play roller skating; Use common sense, for safety.
4. Know yourself, know your limits.
In accordance with their own situation to play roller skating, they should want to learn a new skill or action when guidance, and special care.
5. The class.
Find a good coach to come to class, the accumulating professional knowledge and roller skating skills, and can be obtained from the coach to play roller skating security sense. Domestic extreme sports because of late, little about this aspect of professional coaches, are skating master limit through video, television and other media to inspect self-taught. If there's ace in the directions, learning will be twice the result with half the effort, and easy to correct mistakes.
Be sure to wear protective devices?
No matter where you why and how to play or play; Inline skating before the most important thing is to hit the road should wear protective devices to wear protective devices is ready to mental and physical double action.
Gear's function is to protect your body, not injured by slip.
A complete set of equipment including the helmet, elbow pads and knee, palm. High quality gear breathable, emphasizes the cladding, shock absorption effect and strong demand.
All kinds of protective devices have their functional, respectively described as follows:
Knee: whether a beginner or have experience of roller skating, the knee is falls down on the highest probability and the area with the biggest impact, if you don't wear protective devices, it is easy to hurt.
Elbow pads: this part is easy to accidentally and abrade, especially after the practice some senior action - such as slip - when injured by unskilled.
To protect the palm: beginners often due to improper slip support action wrist or hand scratches; Roller skating player occasionally may scratch, put on armor can avoid these unnecessary damage.
Helmet: ordinary people may think that don't have to wear a helmet, need to know the head is the most important is a vulnerable area, should make the best protection, rule out the possibility of any injury. In addition to special knee, this kind of the design of the knee in meeting the needs of the knife campaigner for special effects, such as u-shaped plate, slider, down the stairs, jumping, etc., providing higher protective coating and the larger and better shock absorption effect.


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