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How to choose a pair of suitable for your skates
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To select suitable for your own skates, first you have to determine to what kind of skating skates, movement, as the ice skating mainly includes three types of projects: figure skating, ice hockey, and speed skating, the ice skates project different use skates is different, so you need to understand the characteristics of each project and each kind of skates ice skates: speed skating skating main characteristic is fast. So speed skating ice skate blade is long and narrow and flat blade, so push large ice area small friction resistance, shoe waist short in order to reduce the body weight, reduce the air resistance. See if the quality of the roller skates quality: roller skates used is different from personal ordinary purposes with the shoes. Use of a special case for eight hours a day, and he than personal use several times the mass of the shoe does not appear in the high frequency of use of irreversible damage. Low roller skates (skates) can usually use inferior bearings are generally only 10 days - 1 months. Like a wheel, don't wear grip with PVC material used 1 to 3 months time, a few domestic PU material but small wheel slip slowly. Support base plate with inferior reworked material is easy to deformation of fit clearance is too large, unreasonable design feel laborious and unstable when he skated. Poor quality skates brake is particularly durable, change frequently, shoe upper leather, shoe sole easily torn shoes, maintenance cost is higher than the price of the shoes. So still suggest consumers to buy better skating shoes brand will be better, but for beginners, buy above ten big slide skates brand may feel a little bit expensive, at this point you can choose the famous brand in our country, its quality is good, the foot feels comfortable is relatively affordable.
Second, skates skating effect is very important: only skates better able to experience the skating. Skating effect mainly depends on the chassis structure Angle and vamp strength design. Secondly and the hardness of the wheel (at present domestic PU materials generally low hardness of 5 degrees speed is a bit poor) and whether or not bearing with high grade chrome steel high speed GB608 also have relations. Ice hockey programs provide for good conservation measures, therefore, ice hockey shoes of the head is very hard, shoes, waist high, upper is very thick, skates knife blade is very short, with larger radian to skaters flexibly move and change the direction of sliding on the ice, and so on. Figure skating difficulty of movement big, the stability of the demand is higher, so the blade wider middle groove, the blade is curved, so that in turn do rotation and gait, etc. In the front of the blade has a blade, in order to jump and ice, shoe waist hard and high, is to protect ankle jump after falling ice, skating beginners people tend to choose more figure skating shoes.


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