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Rollerblading how should maintain?
Time:2014/7/26 Hits:2669

In rollerblading before each use, should carefully examine the screw nut, all loose to tighten them one by one.
Before use, first to each wheel rotating several times, in order to check their rotational flexibility, if found a wheel rotation is not flexible, then need to "go". If still hangs after refueling debugging, you need to find special mechanic maintenance, should not be engaged in cursorily, in case of danger in the taxi. Tightness of skates bogie, completely can according to your own wishes and requirements for debugging, if bogie is too tight, don't turn, elastic should be moderate.
Before learning inline skates, first of all to learn how to correctly wear shoes.
Wear boots shoes shoelaces untied first, when you wear the foot into the shoe should be within the slower, don't pull cap is too tight. Tie shoes if it is too long, after much it tucked up or on the shoes is a circle, make the rest of the shoes off the ground a certain distance, steps to prevent a fall. Wear good shoes, don't try so hard, in the same spot check. Shoes must be fit, not appropriate slide will inevitably affect the correct posture and skill.
Skate boots parts also need good maintenance, in case of leather shoes "contorts" scrapped prematurely. After each use, because of the sweat, skates in the damp, should be promptly put the shoes in the shade to dry, not exposure and baking, otherwise it will cause rollerblading contraction, corrugate, become stiff cracks often should preview at ordinary times, when not in use, the shoes should be "hold" placed in the shoe, to keep its original normal shoe.


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