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The types of rollerblading
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Single row rollerblading leisure, racing, skill, three general points:
1, leisure, rollerblading emphasizes comfort, shoes shell cannot too soft, otherwise may cause an ankle sprain. This kind of shoes tool rest and as a whole, the wheel should choose polyester material, to ensure enough flexibility and grip effect, the stand or fall of the wheel directly affect the effect and safety of learning.
2, racing rollerblading in order to lighten the load and strength, give full play to ankle uppers are short, adopts full leather shoes. Good racing rollerblading no brake head more, some ice skates as water ice skates. Characterized by a low center of gravity to stability in the slide, the racing wheel lateral friction is bigger, in order to speed up. Racing rollerblading general is given priority to with five rounds of shoes.
3, skill, rollerblading also called limit rollerblading, use lace-up add button, more so when doing stunts not easy because of shoe buckle to loosen and dangerous. Less than leisure rollerblading, base to maintain a low center of gravity, shoes shell is hard, can provide safe protection, prevent severe shock. General front distance closer to abate grip, because too much grip even some complete difficult stunts.


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